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Learn Spanish on vacation

As an addition to your dance course, we also offer Spanish lessons. Immerse yourself deeper into the Latin American way of life. Our teachers have many years of experience at the University of Havana. They speak very good English, some French and also Portuguese. The language tuition is adapted according to your previous knowledge - from a beginner's course to an advanced refresher course.You have 4 hours of individual lessons per day and thus still enough time to explore Havana and try your Spanish out in real life.

Language course including accommodation in Havana or Santiago de Cuba




1 week

(20 hours spanish lessons and 7 nights including breakfast )          715 CUC 

(incl. 1 guided city tour and the entrance fee for your teacher for 2 evenings)


 2 weeks

(40 hours spanish lessons and 14 nights including breakfast)        1.290 CUC  

(incl. 2 guided city tours and the entrance fee for your teacher for 4 evenings)

Our Spanish Teachers

  • Hebert

    herbert sp(born 1975)

    Hebert studied Spanish and Literature at the Instituto Politécnico Pedagógico Vicente Chávez Fernández.

    In 1997 he also completed with awards his studies of English. After that followed the studies for French and Portuguese.

    Now he is a professor for English at the Latin American School of Medicine in Havanna, where he is teaching other teachers and professionales in languages.

    With 20 years of experience as a teacher, he is now our teacher of Spanish for our customers and also the teacher for English for our dance teacher.

    Altough his name Hebert Antonio Speck sounds very German, he has no German ancestors.

  • Maikel


    Maikel was born in Santiago de Cuba and since 2014 he is been living in Havana. He has a professional education as a teacher and is working at different schools in Havana as an English teacher. He speaks also French, bit Portuguese and a bit Catalan.

    Since December 2014 he is a Spanish teacher for Baila Habana. He is very patient and his classes are very good structured. And our clients love his sedate manner and the professional lessons.


Sabine Müller
Tel. (Germany): +49 173/2840638
Tel. (Cuba): +53 54487039

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