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Salsa, Son and Rumba dance classes and dancing holidays on Cuba

Professional dance classes

Professional dance classes

Book your dance class and dancing holiday the easy way. All our dance teachers are professionals with many years of expirience. We fit our dance classes exactly to your needs.
Authentic Cuba

Authentic Cuba

Music and dancing is part of the cuban soul. Get the Cuba feeling and learn to dance with the best dance teachers from Havana and Santiago de Cuba. There is no better place to get the Salsa, Son and Rumba experience.
Social Commitment

Social Commitment

Baila habana is a social project, with the task of supporting the Cuban people to build an independent life. Our dance teachers receive 90% of the dance lesson fees directly.


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Cuba's beautiful east

Cuba's beautiful east

To see my teacher in Santiago de Cuba and to make a small travel in the East of Cuba, I booked flights at the Internet in Germany. Because I didn’t want to travel again about 16 hours by bus from Havana to Santiago. And to book flights in Havana was a hopeless thing in June and July, because it was before the summer holidays of the Cubans and they as well use the domestic flights to fly to their families. Every day there are 70 tickets for Cubans and the flight to Santiago de Cuba is for them just 12 CUC!

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