Graduated in as a Show Dancers at the Antonio María Romeu Company (2000-2001).

Dance graduate from the Instituto Superior Pedagógico (2004-2008) and Master in Formative Processes of Arts Education at the University of Arts ISA (2011-2013).

Dancer of the IYEROSUN group.

Teacher of Modern Cuban Dance Technique at the National School of Dance (ENA 2019).

Teacher of Choreographic Composition and Folkloric Dance at the Escuela Nacional de Ballet Fernando Alonso.

She is a teacher with an excellent education and our clients can learn with her all the Cuban dances. She is very precise and caring with her students.

Gergia has been teaching at Baila Habana since 2023.



Sabine Müller
Tel. (Germany): +49 173/2840638
Tel. (Cuba): +53 54487039

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