Pucho (Ernesto) is part of Baila Habana since the end of 2015. He was born in Santiago de Cuba, where he started to study with the age of 13 years at the University of Music "Lauro Fuentes" for 4 years. In this time he discovered his predilection for dancing. He was a member of the group "Sabor D'Calle" with which he was to be seen in the TV show "Bailar Casino" and became a regional champion. With this show-group he danced with the Septeto Santiaguero (Latin Grammy winner) and was also present at the private reception of Madonna in Havana in August 2016.
Pucho danced in the Ballet "Folklorico de Oriente" and with the group of Yanek Revilla he was national champion in salsa.
He is also part of the show group "Tierra Caliente". He is very popular in our school because of his individual style of salsa and his interesting figures. He teaches very carefully and with great commitment.




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